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Image Science MTF benches may be configured for a wide range of optical testing applications. Listed below are some examples of recent applications:

Augmented Reality Image Waveguide System

System for MTF measurement of an Augmented Reality Image Waveguide both on-axis and in any object direction.

Cinematography Lenses Focus Setting

System for setting the infinity back-focus position and for calibrating the focus ring for different object distances. The system also measures MTF on-axis.

Liquid lens

Testing MTF and back focus position of a voltage-controlled liquid-lens relay assembly.

Large Aperture MTF system with rotating optical breadboard

MTF system for measuring large aperture optical systems with up to 450 mm in diameter. The system employs a large rotation unit to move an optical breadboard (1500 x 1250 mm) through +/- 60 degrees - this allows testing of large optical systems and systems with folded optical axes (L and U type lens assemblies).

SWIR Lens MTF Test System

MTF test system for SWIR objective lenses measuring at 850 nm and at 1560 nm. The system also measures effective focal length and distortion.

Cinematography Lenses

Automatic measurement of MTF, focal length and distortion of large cinematography lenses.

Anamorphic Lenses

System for alignment checking during assembly and for end-of-line MTF testing. Aspect ratio measurements are also possible.

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