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Visible Benches

We offer a range of options for MTF benches operating in the Visible region:

Detector Resolution, Cell Size
Standard Resolution CCD Camera 0780 x 0582, 8.33 um
High Resolution CCD Camera 1388 x 1038, 6.45 um
Very High Resolution CCD Camera 2452 x 2056, 3.45 um
Cooled Scientific CCD Camera 1344 x 1024, 6.45 um
Photomultiplier Tube 1 um slit aperture
Field Angle Generator Range, Accuracy, Load Capacity
Rotary Stage Table +/-120 degrees, 5 secs, 25 kg
Swinging Arm (Linear Stage) +/-030 degrees, 5 secs, 50 kg
Swinging Arm (Linear Stage +/-045 degrees, 5 secs, 50 kg
Swinging Arm (Circular Stage) +/-120 degrees, 5 secs, 200 kg
Beam-Steering Mirror +/-020 degrees, 5 secs, NA
Collimator Diameter, Wavefront Accuracy
Off-Axis Parabola 100 - 500 mm, lambda/10 @ 633nm
Achromatic Doublet/Triplet 025 - 100 mm, lambda/50 @ 633nm
Light Source Description
Visible Object Generator 50W T-H Lamp, condensor optics
Fibre-Optic Light Source 50W T-H Lamp, fibre-optic cable
Motorised Stages Specification
Focus, Field, Height Linear, 50 or 100 mm travel
Field Angle Linear or Rotary
Lens Rotation Rotary 360 deg, up to 200mm aperture


Image Science MTF benches are configured according to the customer's specifications and budget. We use standard components wherever possible to provide maximum flexibility and ease of upgrading.

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